1st Meeting (01/20/2009)

Minute taken and typed by Feruza
Date: January 20th (Tue)
Time: 7:30pm - 9pm
Place: Starbucks

I-Week subthemes

Day 1: On board.
Day 2: Explore.
Day 3: Storm…
Day 4: Treasure hunt (Bazaar idea).
Day 5: Lighthouse/ Destination.

Day 1: On board

  • Opening Ceremony->spokesperson (Becky, Magid, or Abe?)
  • Life band
  • Choir group who usually perform on Fridays at the Amphitheater
  • Contact music/dance department; contact professors
  • Band from Japan night
  • Shiva (India) sing or dance (maybe she knows smb who knows smb who can sing/dance)
  • Muslim Students Association- tabling, workshop
  • Russian Department, email Julia Nemirovskaya (Feruza knows who she is)
  • Contact Theater Department
  • Check out "Eugene Weekly" for local happenings

Day 2: Explore

  • China lion dance (Jessica's brother)
  • Japanese elementary school (Yujin Gakaen)
  • Korean drum
  • African drum (contact Samir, Af.SU)
  • Kanako with Simon playing on the instrument?
  • Hawaiian dance

Day 3: Storm

  • Find wushu/taekwondo/ karate .. any marshal arts performers
  • Ask Nan about his hip-hop crew
  • Azu from Japan with her hip hop dance
  • Feruza's friend- an instrumental band
  • Rochelle knows some performers from the Phillipino group
  • Taiwanese hip hop group
  • Black Students Union rap music?
  • Movie nights at the MIC
  • German folk dance workshop (contact German department)
  • "Talant show" maybe?

Day 4: Treasure hunt/ Bazaar day

  • "Treasure hunt", huh? (it's like having particular places to go and answer the questions. for example, the cashiers at the duckstore may be informed about the visitors… etc.)
  • Contact Craft Center if they want to collaborate and sell their stuff
  • Ask ASUO about the regular Street Fair thing. Could we have it on I-Week?
  • Sell ISA shirts?
  • Saturday market ppl may be contacted?
  • Food competition?
  • Contact Jordan Schnitz Arts museum (see if any gallery events are going on on these dates)

Day 5: Lighthouse/ Destination

  • Fashion show
  • Carnival?? less likely possible
  • Arabic belly dance (contact Arab Student Union)


  • Come up with a letter to send to the outside performers
  • Flyers for the event participation sign-ups


  • Contact PR (Raymond) if they have finished the fundraising packet
  • Ask Bryan what the I-Week staff is responsible to fundraise for (if PRs are also involved in fundraising)
  • Potential restaurants (list will be coming up soon)
  • Don't forget to confirm budget

More tasks to do for later or sooner

  • Confirm performers and call them 1-2 days before the performance
  • Ask Scheduling Office about tabling/sandwichboards
  • Find volunteers for the I-Week events within ISA (+ their spring term schedules)
  • Book the rooms (+back up rooms)
  • Catering (solid sponsors and get the foods approved)
  • Contact EMU regarding the equipments

During I-Week

  • Pick up foods
  • Have staff at the event places


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