4th Meeting (02/16/2009)

first-half-meeting minute taken by kawai


  1. movies confirmed

please tell me if i got the wrong one, and sorry for that:P

  1. time to play movies
    • 2 movies/day
    • 1st: ~3-5pm
    • 2nd: ~6-8pm

"Closing ceremony"

  1. friday 4-6 coffee hour w/ ESA (european student association) http://gladstone.uoregon.edu/~esa/

i believe it's their old old old website (2004?)

  1. ask sho & bryan about details of the "closing ceremony"(?)
  2. — The closing ceremony is typically just a coffee hour that we hold outside on the amphitheater. We can hold it in the MIC and then just direct all volunteers to the kitchen afterwards, or we can still do it in the ampitheater. I'll leave that up to you guys. -Bryan


  1. $375/day
  2. feruza: local performers - min $150/hr
  3. raymond(PR): ask restaurants for foods

Contact performers

  1. best way: email & call & FACEBOOK!


  1. breakdance: max 3 performances, & workshop right after a performance
  2. daily tabling
  3. street faire: feruza talking w/ ASUO
  4. wushu: ask crystal for contact info
  5. confirm other performances (List of Performances & Who is In Charge by Chrystal 2/13/2009)

talk w/ i-night

  1. flyers for dorms
    • already handed out flyers? printed? date on flyers only for i-night?
  2. performers, audition
  3. go to their meetings


  1. play music when no performance in amphitheater
  2. bing: use ipod, shuffle
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