This is where you are going to talk about how cool you are. None of it has to make sense. For example:

Executive committee is cool because we live in Eugene.
Bryan is cool in particular because his mama says so.
Adrian is cooler than Bryan because the world says so.
We are soo cool…
Sean Jin is cool because he just signed up for this site and is reading the Economist. He also accidentally chose Polish instead of English on his Wikidot account…
Adrian is still cool because he's stuck in snow in Washington, so instead of playing in it, he's updating his contact list and looking for ways to get to Japan. thanks for fellow ISA members. Which brings me to my next point.
Sho, Dan, Joey, and Kody are cool because they helped Adrian find contacts for Japan.
I'm so cool because I got ISA discount for airfare to Japan for Adrian.

We're so cool cause we're chilling in Straub 146. :D

Soo Hwa Song is so cool because she bought Ka Wai Cheung a sandwich when I was sooooo hungry before ISA meeting.
Ka wai Cheung is Very Very cool because she OWNED so many boys in ISA !! (Specially… You know. lol)
ew.. i know you are soo!!! that AWESOMENESS is yours soo (kawai)
Soo Hwa song is so cool cause she used to has her DANCE MATE
I'm so glad I created this page. -Bryan
Kawai is awesome because she was asked to be soo's dance mate last week, learned how to type her japanese name today, and FACEBOOK-FREE for two days.
Bryan is so awesome as he fixed the printer this afternoon and brought Jessica the first A in writing class.

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