I am looking forward to get this whole decoration thing started for IWN, it is going to be off the hook and fantabulously rad. So just wait and see what I and my members can and will bring to the table!

New updates
So these are the sub-themes that our I-week committee has come up with:
Day 1: On board.
Day 2: Explore.
Day 3: Storm…
Day 4: Treasure hunt (Bazaar idea).
Day 5: Lighthouse/ Destination.
Here are my initial reactions nand thoughts after briefly looking over the sub-themes:

  • They are a little bit ambiguous, hence may be a bit difficult to come up with specific decoration for each one.
  • However, on the bright side, these sub-themes follow a sequential order which we may take advantages of brainstorming a story-like decoration idea for the whole week.
  • There are definitely possibilities for big-sized decoration items: A boat and a lighthouse (We can totally recycle the big brush in the office for our iconic lighthouse)

So those are things that I instantly thought of doing for our committee. So please feel free and add your input. It would be greatly appreciated.
Duy- Go ISA

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