Agenda for Jan 21, 2009

Agenda for January 21st, 2009

Meeting agenda for 01/21/09

1.Introduction to wiki (post on site)
2.What I use the wiki for
3.What you can use wiki for (use food committee as an example)
1.Meeting minutes
2.Finished products
3.Uploading files
1.I've uploaded the calendars as they are right now, you are free to edit them and send me edits
III.Meeting Minutes – post on wiki or email to me
IV.weekly committee head meetings
1.Is this something we want to do?
2.Meeting time?
1.I was thinking during ISA exec session
2.Sean has exec session
V.Future committee meetings
1.Finish planning?
2.Sign up for wiki!!!!!!
3.Who has gone through their folders? Who still has their folders? Go through them!!!!!
4.Again, take meeting minutes and post them
VI.finish planning

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