Food Committee will meet in the ISA office @ 6pm every Tuesday.
A guide on cooking for a crowd: I want everyone to read this!

(Shopping list info)
(Kitchen Plan)

Goals & Ideas

noted from the IWN retreat of 01/09-11/09.

* 10 dishes will be made, + drinks & deserts, but we will collect at least 20.
* Around the world, aim for a high variety from as many different countries as possible.
* Collect from other culture nights because we will have tasted them, know they can be made in the EMU kitchen, and know people who can make them.

  • Ask restaurants for food or donations or recipes.

* Plan Backwards

  • Check equipment in EMU for the recipes

* Food tasting will be done within ISA, and will be prepared by the Food Committee to ensure that we know how to make it.
* Food Handler Permits

  • Use Costco/Sunrise/Cash and Carry's special orders.
    • Sunrise takes 2 weeks for special orders - Stephanie
    • Cash and Carry takes 1 week for special orders - Crystal
    • Costco takes about 1 day for special orders - Crystal

* Plan out how to serve food in most efficient manner.
* Feb 11th should be the due date for recipes.

  • Create explicit tasks for volunteers.

* Special t-shirts for Food Committee Members, possibility have the name of the recipe they're responsible for on it, and maybe the recipe as well. - This will not happen, but we will make CHEF HATS. Sean


We will create a separate page for each recipe and link them back here. On each recipe page will be

Origin of the recipe, who supplied it
Recipe Original
The unaltered recipe
Recipe Modified
The recipe with the multiplier to feed our hungry guests
Shopping List
Where to get ingredients and prices
Check list to see if EMU Kitchen has what it takes to make it.

A separate page will be made combining all ingredients to make shopping easier.


Meeting Minutes

food-feb-2nd-2009 Meeting canceled

Food Committee is Silly.

We will be cooking a lot.
I am a good chef.
I like cereal.

P.S. Thanks to whoever put up the files about the EMU Kitchen, etc…

I can't wait to sell my soul to the EMU Kitchen during my Studio.
I believe I'm a good chef.
I like turtles.

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