Food Apr 12th 2009

Kitchen plan is tentatively complete. We will need about 10 volunteers per day at any given time, so probably 20 total per day (for rotation. Lunch will be served on Saturday and Sunday at 1 PM.

Things for Sean to remember to do:

  1. Sort out Cash and Carry food vs. Costco. Send Costco stuff to Adrian.
  2. Allergy/meat information
  3. Serving plan - meeting with servers.
  • Need 22 servers + 3 people to run trays.
  • 1 Food Committee Member will sort the line into two at the head of the food area.
  • 2 Food committee members will re-supply chafing dishes and answer questions about the food.
  • 1 Food committee member will man drinks with 2 volunteers.
  • 2 members will be in the kitchen.
  1. Remind FC members to bring knives, peelers, and lighters.
  2. Tell Sunrise about ribeye beef and mochiko flour for pickup.
  3. Organize pickups for Cash and Carry, Sunrise, and Parties to Go.
  • Friday - 1 PM to Cash and Carry. We will actually buy the items there. I will need Stephanie and Peter/Bing for this.
  • Friday - 2 PM to Sunrise for Mochiko flour.
  • Friday - 6 PM to Sunrise for everything else. I will need Peter/Bing, whoever did not go to Cash and Carry. One car should be enough.
  • Saturday - anytime (let's say 12 PM) to Parties to Go to pick up 22 chafing dishes. I will need Bing and Peter.

Cleanup will be happening as food is being served, and we MAY be able to take a break at 7 and watch the show until 8 or so depending on how clean up goes.
I will set 7 PM on Sunday as the goal for taking a break and watching the show, but it will be based on how well we do on Sunday.

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