Food March 31st 2009

Special orders
Backwards planning the I-Night weekend
Fix recipes
Talk to Parties to Go about chafing dishes and water coolers.
Get recipes to Sho for recipe book.

* We are getting VERY close to I-Night, so we have to get cranking. The recipe multiplying is an important task, and Suyoung, Crystal, and Amy are in charge of doing that. It is fairly simple but tedious, and important that we get it right. Try to have it done by Thursday (tomorr0w) because I need the final numbers for the SPECIAL ORDERS which I will put in next week.

* Stephanie and Adrian are talking to Evergreen and Milky Way respectively to have their drinks served at I-Night. Note: Stephanie has secured sponsorship from Evergreen! Great job!

* We are doing our Kitchen Tour this FRIDAY, April 3rd, at 3:15 PM. Can you make it?

* Next week we will be doing our backwards planning for the I-Night weekend for each dish. That way we can separate tasks and determine how many volunteers we need for each. This will take quite a bit of time, so plan on that next meeting.

* We also divided up the recipes, two apiece, for us to be in charge of during I-Night cooking. This way we will be able to have four-five dishes being cooked at any time, with one person in charge of each.
* It is that person's responsibility to go through the recipe in the NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS and document the tools needed for the recipe. That means EVERYTHING, including spatula for flipping, stirring, knife for cutting, woks, anything! It is imperative that we have this list when we do our kitchen walkthrough on Friday so we know what we will need to bring to the EMU kitchen when we are cooking.
* You also should go through the recipes and break it down into steps and how much time each will take. This will be very helpful for our backwards planning next meeting. Please do that this weekend.

Here is the breakdown of recipe responsibilities:
Suyoung - Sweet potatoes, bulgogi
Crystal - Fried rice noodles, korean spicy chicken
Adrian - Butter mochi, scrambled tofu
Stephanie - Gado-gado salad, thai curry
Sean - Olivier Salad, simmered veggies
Amy - I am sorry but we had to assign recipes when you were gone. Please talk to me if you want to be in charge of some recipes.

Here's a task deadline:
Thursday/Friday - Recipe multiplying finished, Recipe tool lists finished
Friday - Kitchen Walkthrough
Weekend - Recipe methods broken down and timed
Tuesday, Apr.8 - Backwards plan

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