Food Feb 23rd 2009

Meeting Minutes 2-23-2009

Food handling cards will be taken care of this week.
Food holding release request will be submitted this week as well, hopefully.
Catering waiver also hopefully submitted.

We have not finalized the recipes but there aren't any that we can foresee cutting.

Spent rest of the meeting discussing food tasting:
We need hong kong style noodles to be made for us. Same for Gado Gado. Sweet potato dish needs to be fried more and boiled in a syrup, not water.
More flavor in olivier salad (more dressing).
Bulgogi needs green onions, onion, and mushrooms.
Thai chili peppers in Gado Gado dressing.
More flavoring in tofu dish.
More pepper paste in korean spicy chicken, use thighs when cooking, not breast.

Otherwise, everything went well, it was a good team-building exercise.

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