Food Feb 9th 2009

Meeting minutes feb 9th, 2009

We are finished collecting recipes.
There are clearly some recipes that are not going to work, so next meeting, we will go through each recipe and decide which to weed out.

Our next big thing is our food tasting.
We are going to shop for everything on FRIDAY, February 20th around 3 PM. To compensate the costs, I will ask for ISA members to pay about 5 dollars a person for food tasting.
We will cook the recipes Friday night at Amy and Crystal's apartments. Anyone that wants to come and help is welcome! —how many people can fit in Crystal's apt? *bryan*
Food tasting will happen on SATURDAY, February 21st.

Sean is working on getting the food holding released for IWN.
We will worry about Food Handler's Licenses after the food tasting.


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