Food Jan 12th 2009

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Call John for Kitchen Tour, Sunrise, Costco, Catering Waivers


  • Ideas for getting recipes
    • IWN members.
    • ICSP (international cultural scholarship program)
    • Other culture nights
    • Parents
    • Restaurants
    • (Next IWN) Cook Off - Off campus to avoid catering (complicated but awesome)
  • It'll be our responsibility to know how to cook the recipe instead of having the person who provided the recipe. This ensure no mistakes.

Backwards Planning

April 19th - Sunday
iNight, food is all finished and cooked
April 18th - Saturday
Cooking Cooking Cooking
April 17th - Friday
Cooking Cooking Cooking
April 13th-16th - Monday - Thursday
Pick up perishables (Special Order), Buy (non Special Orders)
April 13th - Monday
Print Recipe Books
April 6th-10th - Monday - Friday
Pick up non-perishables (Special Order, Buy (non Special Orders)
March 16th- 20th - Monday - Friday
Put in all orders to Costco/Sunrise/Cash & Carry/etc…
March 9th- 13th -Monday - Friday
Price Checking
March 9th - Monday
Kitchen Plan Finished / Serving Plan Finished
March 2nd- 6th - Monday - Friday
Breaking down recipe, calculations / Recipe Book
March 2nd OR 6th
Kitchen Tour
March 2nd - Monday
Serving Area reserved
Feb 16th- 20th - Monday - Friday
Finish Collecting all recipes / Start recipe testing
Jan 14th - Wednesday
Ask ISA/IWN about who has food handler's card

Note: Use Stephanie as typeface for Recipe Book

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