Food Mar 2nd 2009


We have to go over the recipes and figure out how much each person will eat of them (serving size) and then how many servings to make for I-Night. Some dishes are more popular than others, and spices and flavorings can't be multiplied the same as vegetables or meat.
Also, we need to figure out which recipes still need work.

We will get the Coconut rice recipe and amounts from PERMIAS.
Jessica will make the Hong Kong style Singapore noodles for us this week.
Stephanie will make the Gado-Gado salad.
We will ask Sho for help on the Scrambled Tofu.
Suyoung made us the Sweet Potatoes dish last week.

We have collected all the food handler's cards except Stephanie's, which should be done by Wednesday.
Suyoung has been assigned to take care of the Catering Waiver.
Amy will take care of reserving the serving area for I-Night.

We also discussed the serving plan for the EMU fishbowl:
Two straight lines going north to south in between the fixed seating booths and the center fishbowl column. Lines will travel south, to a drink bar on the south end of the Fishbowl. People will line up in one line until they get up to the food lines, where they will be split by someone at the beginning of the food lines.
Drinks will be pre-served into cups by IWN members.

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