Food Mar 9th 2009

Minutes - Food Committee - March 9th 2009

This will be our last meeting until next term.
Tentative meeting time next term: 6 PM on Tuesdays. We will hold additional meetings if necessary.

This week we will do price checking for items on Friday, March 3/13/2009.
Sean is still working on the recipe list.
We have determined how long we need to order food in advance from the different vendors we will use.

We will use about 2800 of the Food Holding money for IWN and save the rest for I-Week. Hopefully this will be enough.

We will make our special orders next week.
Next term, we have to do our Kitchen Walkthrough, make sure we have the items necessary to make the dishes, and organize the dish-making procedures and how many volunteers we will need for them.

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