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I'm reading this at the moment:

Hopefully I can spark out more stage lighting creativity 'cause I almost dont remember anything from high school's theatre art club :P :P

Re: Let's Make Magic, People! by EmfeistEmfeist, 12 Mar 2009 23:21


Weronika and ESA have been taken care of. I'm close with her. :-)

What do u have in your mind for an outdoor Coffee Hour? Describe your idea, please.The weather is not guaranteed, and that's why we rather stay in. We will also have the International Game Night by MIC.

Belly dance sounds good to me. I can't find the dancer though. I am trying to get in touch with the Saudi students about it.

thanks for your observation. :)

Re: Meeting Minutes by Feruzka88Feruzka88, 26 Feb 2009 07:57

I noticed that for the Closing Ceremony you guys are planning CH with ESA? Something to bear in mind- in my experience, they are rather difficult to get in touch with (including their president), and have been quite inactive, if you notice their office space.
But since Weronica Budak is on the ICSP as well, it might be easy for the I-Week members to get in contact with her.

Also, can I suggest an outdoor CH is a possible option? Since there would be a Belly Dance performance beforehand, we could probably draw a bigger crowd :)

Re: Meeting Minutes by EmfeistEmfeist, 22 Feb 2009 01:23

Sup dude, do a huge paper boat hanging from the balloons.

Re: Ideas for decoration by ho_ho_, 19 Feb 2009 02:43

Hey guys,
Like what I said, there is no such thing as a lame idea for decoration…so please please lemme know what ideas you have in mind for decoration. Thanks a lot and go ISA!

Ideas for decoration by goofball1214goofball1214, 12 Feb 2009 03:45

good job, Jessica!

I hope you guys got my email with an attachment. :)
I'm sure I forgot some stuff, but please edit it as much as u want.

Re: I-Week by Feruzka88Feruzka88, 10 Feb 2009 07:29

Awesome. Thank you for your diligence. These really help me know what's going on.

Re: Meeting Minutes by bry0000000bry0000000, 10 Feb 2009 03:39

why dont we post the minutes on our page instead of the forum? or do both?

i'm here to talk about the origami workshop hee
stole idea from the chinese niu year :P
so what i'm thinking is to ask people to fold a paper boat when they participate in our i-week event and put the boats together somewhere (did we book the FIR room? [sho's idea, put them in a room, and maybe we can make an exhibition:)] or put them on the trees like what "chinese niu year" did haha)
day by day we'll have more and more boats > which also indicates lots of students are participating in our iwn:D

first of all, folding origami boat is a cultural activity, isn't it
and if we just simply hold a origami workshop, people would not be really interested to go there, would they?
(may be we can also use the boat thing to promote other workshops! e.g. ask them to go to language workshops so they can put their names on the boat in different languages:] )

second, it matches our theme sail away > students (boats) are sailing with us in iwn! (well putting them on trees is not a bad idea indeed, cause when the wind blows, the boats move, like sailing on the sea)

it gets people involved!! > but not just come see our show (oh, nice show)
students can also write/draw on their boats, feel like part of our event, and come back the next days, still see their boats, show off to their friends (hehe see that boat over there? i folded it!) (you know what? i went to i-week, made a boat, put it blah blah blah) and ask their friends to make a boat!

every boats are different! like every one of us are unique > (doesn't it sound familiar? did someone say every heartbeat/rhythem are unique? haha) boats would have different colors, different names (boats DO have names!), different sizes, from different places, been to different places, …… international, multicultural

these boats can also attract students who just randomly walk on 13th (if boats on trees) or emu (if boats indoor)

problems are:
1. where should we put the boats?
it's gonna be raining every day in spring and the boats are made from paper (and how to hang them on a tree?)
but if we put them in a room, people probably will not see them…

2. would it cost a lot to buy paper?
but indeed folding a boat doesnt need papers in square, rectangular ones like A4 can do it and they're not expensive (they also have different colors:] )

3. boats are not really easy to fold, we need PEOPLE to help or teach people how to do (oh! so now i know what the volunteers can do for us haha)
or we can just print out instruction, give them to people and ask them to fold themselves
or hold a workshop on a single day or every day at a certain time during i-week

before i came up this idea, i did ask raymond not to hand out flyers this year, but boats instead XD
and he said he was gonna ask me to fold a giant boat and put it in amphitheater (we can beat the chinese niu year OX!)
but it's only a silly idea in early days:P

go i-week! :)

Re: I-Week by Jessica CheungJessica Cheung, 08 Feb 2009 18:00

Thanks, Chrystal!!!

I feel so relieved now. :)

I will post some updates later. I've been kind of sorting things out and trying to organize our plans.

Re: I-Week by Feruzka88Feruzka88, 07 Feb 2009 06:36

Honestly, we didn't take meeting minutes during our past three committee meetings, but I'll try to summarize what we have done so far, although I can't include all the details (which can be added later on anyways :P).

Tuesday Jan 20,

  • Brainstormed sub-themes for the five days of I-Week, and have finalized them as follows:
  1. Monday: "Day 1: On Board"
  2. Tuesday: "Day 2: Explore"
  3. Wednesday: "Day 3: Storm…"
  4. Thursday: "Day 4: Treasure Hunt/Global Bazaar"
  5. Friday: "Day 5: Lighthouse/Destination"
  • Brainstormed a list of possible performers to find

Monday Jan 26,

  • Assigned each committee member certain performers, teachers and departments to contact. Each person will be responsible for contacting and organizing the specific performers they find.

Monday Feb 2,

  • Each committee member reported how their search is going.
  • Discussed about possible food distributions during I-Week, possible cooperation with restuarants around campus, introducing cultures through food and/or food competitions
  • Assigned each member the task to find cultural movies for the movie nights during I-Week
Meeting Minutes by quuchanquuchan, 05 Feb 2009 07:01

aww!! i'm so sorry ><!! don't worry about it. i'll make another thread where we can put the meeting minutes in, so it doesn't have to be all stuck in this big one haha

Re: I-Week by quuchanquuchan, 05 Feb 2009 06:46


i lost all my notes!!!! i typed so much, but now they are gone! will retype them when i calm down. :(

Re: I-Week by Feruzka88Feruzka88, 04 Feb 2009 22:27

Of course we can have a sailing boat. Its totally feasible, i just don't know how much it would cost us to have the craft center construct one.

Re: Image Idea of IWN by goofball1214goofball1214, 01 Feb 2009 05:32
Image Idea of IWN by Soo Hwa SongSoo Hwa Song, 31 Jan 2009 07:41
Re: I-Week
(account deleted) 30 Jan 2009 09:57
in discussion I-Week and Night 2009 / International Week Committee » I-Week

WRT the street fair issue, I think Monica Ortiz as Programs Rep will be in a good position to advise and help us.

Re: I-Week by (account deleted), 30 Jan 2009 09:57

January 26th, 2009, Monday 5-6 pm I-Week meeting:

heading level 1

As we discussed who should contact whom regarding the events and performances:


-All JSO related events (life band, Yujin Gakaen elementary school, Azu [already confirmed for Sushi Dance])
-Taiwanese hip-hop group


-Music/dance department; contact professors too
-Theater department
-Craft center if they want to collaborate and sell their stuff (well, first we must contact ASUO about this plan)


-MSA (Muslim Student Association)
-Check out "Eugene Weekly" for local happenings or performers
-African drum (contact Samir and Kofi)
-Contact Kanako + Simon for music performance
-Ask Nan about his crew
-Aks Sabel about her son's musical group
-German folk dance (contact Helmutt Plant)
-Arab Student Association (belly dance)
-Russian department, Julia Nemirovskaya


-China lion dance/ fan dance
-Try to look for the local band's contact


-Magid for opening ceremony
-Hawaiian dance
-Phillipino group


-RA Remmie (hmm I don't know how to spell her name) :-/


-All ISA Korean students about the Korean drum
-Find wushu/taekwondo/karate performers -> ask Sean, Bolo
-Black Students Union
-Movie nights at MIC: 5 movies in total: 1-Nepali movie "Kagbeni" by Rupa…
-Talant Show maybe? contact housing, Remmie again :)
-"Treasure Hunt" think, think, think of any ideas
-Ask Sean and Bryan how to ask ASUO about the potential street fair
-Saturday market people's contacts after ASUO's approval
-Look for the fashion show models and costumes
-Eugene Chinese School from China Night


-Recruitment flyers for the participation in talent show or in any I-Week events
-Check ASUO web-site and find the contact of the student groups
-Feruza should come up with a letter to contact the performers and forward it to I-Week members
-Ask Bryan how much of the budget is allocated for I-Week
-Ask PR to make A3 size poster smth like "We need talents or performers or smth" for the recruitment

Re: I-Week by Feruzka88Feruzka88, 27 Jan 2009 07:30


I-Week's minutes are the ones I posted on the forum last week. I'll post the new one after tmrw's meeting.

Sorry, I should have let you know about that earlier. I kind of remembered it, then forgot.

Re: Collaboration by Feruzka88Feruzka88, 26 Jan 2009 10:59

Hey, Bryan :) I'll have the minutes by Friday.

Collaboration that I-Night is looking forward to is how we 'synchronize' performers with I-Week. For instance, if after all our auditions we have too many performers, we'd pass them on to the I-Week Committee, and we're hoping I-Week would consider doing the same :)

Re: Collaboration by EmfeistEmfeist, 22 Jan 2009 03:16

Fitri is Emfeist :)

Re: Identities by EmfeistEmfeist, 22 Jan 2009 03:11

Thanks Feruza for posting this. This is really thought out and useful. I'll give you better feedback after I go through it all, but I just wanted to say thanks.


Re: I-Week by bry0000000bry0000000, 21 Jan 2009 21:24
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