Hong Kong Style Singapore Fried Rice Noodles

Courtesy Jessica Kawai Cheung

Serves 6

星洲炒米Hong Kong style Singapore fried rice noodles (eugene version, complimize with the ingredients)
米粉rice noodles - 16 oz (one package)
onions - 1
ham - 100 g
soy sauce - 4 tbsp or 60 mL
sugar - 1 tbsp or 15 g
green onion - 1
curry powder - 1 tbsp or 15 g
salt - 1 tbsp or 15 g
egg - 4

1 先把米粉用冷水浸透, 取出drain it備用
2 onions, 豬肉, ham 切絲備用
3 brown onions, add pork, stir fry till cooked
4 add soy sauce, sugar, and stir fry till almost burnt取出備用
5 scramble eggs, add all the ingredients except rice noodles, stir till well mixed
6 add rice noodles, stir fried till cooked
7 add green onion, stir till well mixed, dish up

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