I- Night

Weekly Meeting

Date: Monday
Time: 1815 hrs
Location: M.I.C


Sonja Rasmussen, Mills International Center Coordinator confirmed as I-Night's guest speaker (Not an April Fool's joke! :P)


1. Saturday, Apr 13th 2009: EMU-Ballroom; 11am - 5pm
2. Sunday, Apr 19th 2009; EMU-Ballroom; 10.00am - 5pm


1. Saturday, Mar 7th 2009: EMU-Walnut Room; 10.00am - 8.00pm
2. Sunday, Mar 8th 2009: Agate Hall-Amphitheater; 11.30am - 4pm

Stage roles for I-Night

  • Sound manager
  • Tech manager: David, Aries
  • Stage manager: Ivette

possible guest speakers for I-Night

  • Sonja Rasmussen
  • Abe
  • Becky

Plot for the show
*Speakers: 1) Bryan, 2) ISA co directors, 3) guest speakers = 15 min
*MC intro/Gift drawing = 7 min
*Samoa dance = 3 min
*Ukraine dance = 8 min
*Mongolia dance = 3.5 min
*Indonesia's saman dance = 7 min
*Senegal music = 5 min
*Caba China fan dance = 8 min
*Indian dance = 10 min
*Scottish Bagpipers = 7 min
*Jose Cruz salsa dance = 5 min
*Bana middle eastern dance = 1 min
*Ireland music = 7 min
*Jpac = 10 min
*UO Jam squad = 4 min
*Conclusion/ gift drawing

Audition this weekend March 7/8th everyone are welcome

-Tri, Elvin declined being an MC for I-Night :(
-Aaron Polk, Grace Park agreed to be MC
-Kora (Senegal) performance.
-Everyone should check I night email before Wednesday ISA meeting.
- Rehearsal change to April 5th,13th,19th
-flamenco dance cancelled <= Losers
-we need one dancer for Nepali dance
-David contacts SIS about bhagra dance.
-we have slavic, Irish dance
Mon 2/16
For sure performers

  • Jam squad,
  • Nepal dance,
  • Indonesian dance
  • JPAC singing
  • Elvin, Bing singing
  • Slavic Folk dance
  • Bolorma dance
  • Indian singing.

I Night's Rehearsal: Aiming for first week of April.
Goals for this week:

  • Continue to look for performers
  • Ivette responsible for booking rehearsal place
  • Arie continues to contact MECHA
  • Come on time at the next meeting !!! 6:15

Mon 2/9
- Still trying to contact MECHA

David: Havent got a reply by from CSA about the cute girl that sang during the CSA new years night


-Utsari not ready to perform this year :(

Bolorma: Marumba , Need to know whether if theres a cost involved

Melissa: Havent heard anything from the MCs.

-Possible MCs: Tri Vo, Elvin Yang, Grace Parks

Yvette: Indonesian dance group is willing to performs at I-night

Important changes

  • 1st audition date changed from feb 29 -> March 1st, 10am - 5pm

Goals for this week

  • continue looking for performers


  • Get a hold of MECHA, Hawaiian club


  • Get a hold of CSA!
  • Talk to I-week committee to contact Wushu since they only performs for free on I-week


  • Trying to get a hold of MCs
  • contact salsa/belly dance groups


  • contact Russian choir
  • contact flamengo dance group

Mon 2/2
Have table tents ready to go for getting auditions
Recruiting performers, have some ideas for performances (UO Jam squad, wushu, SIS dance)
Recruiting MCs : Elvin, Tri, Grace

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