—By the way, you guys are doing an excellent job of keeping this thing updated. (Bryan)
Thanks Bryan, cause we have awesome heads! Go I-Week:D (Kawai) btw, whose picture?↑ it makes this page look like food committee's page haha
Haha I posted the picture.. i'll try to make another one :) [Rupa]
I love smiley faces hee (kawai)
It is an over-whelming week, thanks to every one for spending time and putting heart in i-week, and good luck in mid-terms! Go i-week!
“I-week is the most amazing committee, yes it is.” (kawai)
Yaye! There's a group pic of us now :D (Rochelle)
Nice!! :DDD [Rupa]
Good job everyone! :) (feru)

Updates of the Page

Winter Term Week 7

  • New I-Week Schedule (re-arranged by Feruza) uploaded (Kawai 2/19)

Click FILE in the bottom to see a list of documents and download the new schedule
Sorry for uploading it late, hope it didnt cause inconvenience : (

Reminders for Next Meeting


  • Bring movies, as said before (thanks rupa and rochelle)
  • Facebook & call student groups (bombard their page with messages! haha)
  • Talk with i-night, or go to their meetings (6-7pm @MIC)
  • Email all the student groups/performers you are responsible for See List of Performances

Friendly reminder: our meeting is at 5:00pm, skylight:)
Have a good week guys! and dont shout at the student groups haha (kawai)


  • Bring at least two suggestions of movies
  • Continue to ask for and look for performances
  • Performance schedule for I-week
  • Look for and think about possible workshops
  • Poster for Resident halls
  • A list of performances (confirmed & still working on)
  • Meeting is at Skylight, not MIC :)


  • We changed the meeting place from Starbucks to Skylight in EMU, so dont go to Starbucks this time!
  • Bring at least one movie for the movie nights

Weekly Meeting

Monday 5pm-6pm @ EMU Skylight

Meeting Minutes

1st Meeting (01/20/2008) by Feruza
2nd Meeting (01/26/2009) by Chrystal
3rd Meeting (02/02/2009) by Chrystal
4th Meeting (02/09/2009)
5th Meeting (02/09/2009) by kawai

Click ME to Discuss anything about the Meetings


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