minutes jan 28th

Meeting minutes from January 28th, 2009
By Goen Kim

1. Volunteer – refer your friends about ISA. It’s a great way to start getting involved in ISA. Peter is working on Google docs to organize volunteer list. Suggestions from members: Sign-up sheet on the door.
2. Chill in the ISA office! 1-2 hours, anytime during week. It’s great for team building.
3. WIKI + Recipes: please sign up WIKI and turn in recipes that you like. Don’t worry about ingredients. We are indeed having International Night!
4. Performers – I-night committee is working on recruitment. If you have any suggestion for performers, please let Fitri know.
5. Calendar*: go to WIKI for the most updated calendar!

  • April portion of the calendar that you got during meeting is has some mistakes. We will fix and distribute them soon.
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