Olivier Salad Russian

Recipe courtesy Feruza Ashirova.

Serves 12

This is a Russian potato and egg salad of sorts. The meat product used varies depending on personal preference. Hot dogs, polish kelbasa, salami, chicken, turkey, ham, veal or beef can be used. Just please only use one, don't mix. I've heard of people using smoked white fish instead of meat. Vegetarians can also try using shiitake mushrooms.

while in my experience the salad tastes better if all ingridients are cut into small cubes, some people prefer to cut things more coarsely or into a different shape. Whatever pleases you will work.

main ingredients:

1 lb. potatoes - 4 potatoes medium sized - about 500 g
1/2 Cucumber (about 100 g)
2 eggs
1/4 lb beef Kielbasa- about 150 g
1 golden delicious Apple - about 140 g

Sugar to taste - about 2 tsp - 10 g
Salt to taste (about 3 tsp or 15 g)
Olive Oil (about 4 tbsp - 120 ml)
Pepper to taste - about 1 tsp - 6 g
Vinegar - 2 tbsp - 30 ml
Mayonnaise - 2 tbsp - 30 ml
Egg yolks (from eggs above)

If there is not enough dressing, add more mayonnaise and olive oil so enough covers the potatoes.

Chop small sausage and egg whites and apple and cucumber. Mash potatoes and mix in the cubed ingredients.
Mix egg yolk with mayonnaise, vinegar, and olive oil…add salt and pepper and sugar to taste. Dressing should not be too sweet, sugar is just to counter act vinegar's strong taste.
When ready to serve, pour dressing over the potato mixture and mix well.

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